Our Teleaus cloud reseller service method distribute computing services as an intermediary with the goal of reselling them instead of utilizing them. For the most part, Our Cloud Re-seller is a frameworks integrator who deals with the sending of different cloud services bought through numerous merchants like AWS , Google or a worth included reseller who sells, introduces, keeps up, and benefits a cloud apparatus situated on the client's premises.

We are a authorized cloud reseller what allows us to be the middle person between the product developer and the customer. We eliminates the need for you having to develop a new product or set up your own infrastructure from scratch. We understand our customer needs. We work with the providers who is dependable, supportive, and well-equipped. We stay ahead of the latest trends, continuously improve our offline and online marketing efforts, and keep our customers happy.

What benefits you'll get

Leverage the same high-performance computing as physical servers to deliver

Ultimate Computing

Our hosted servers will help you to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server.

Secure Physical Isolation

Our cloud based platform will help to transform your traditional database and applications to cloud.

Delivery in Minutes

Our reliable continuous delivery platform speed up the delivery of contents across the globe.

Compatible With All Other

Teleaus Cloud is partnered with renown cloud services and compatible with cloud companies.

Our Partners

Teleaus Cloud is a cloud solution provider company, which is
partnered with Amazon